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Marin IJ Editorial: Measure A is an investment in our kids
Marin IJ Editorial
Oct 1, 2016

No one is going to criticize proponents of Measure A for rushing to the ballot.

They have devoted six years into building strong support for a quarter-cent increase in local sales tax to make sure all children in Marin get a strong start, from early childhood education and health care to affordable day care and after-school and summer programs.

Marin Voice: Marin needs Measure A to ‘level the playing field’ for kids
By Kristin Nash
Oct 24, 2016

Despite being one of the richest counties in the nation and the healthiest county in the state, Marin hides a huge divide in income equality, ranking 54th out of 57 in California. That means only three counties report a bigger gap between their wealthiest and poorest residents. And it’s the low-income children who are most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of such great disparity.

Poor kids in communities with high rates of income inequality are more likely to suffer worse outcomes in adolescence and adulthood on a range of indicators, including overall health and wellness, mental health, drug use, obesity, educational performance, social mobility and incarceration. Read More >>

Marin Magazine: Big Ballot
A point of view on the many topics voters will weigh in on this month.
By Jim Wood
November, 2016

First, though, let’s tackle Measure A: A Strong Start for All Marin Kids. This will provide $12 million annually (replacing an expiring tax) for nine years for underfunded preschool, child care and medical programs. Backing it are Congressman Jared Huffman and the county’s district attorney, sheriff, board of supervisors and superintendent of schools. Vote yes, definitely. Read More >>

Children deserve chance to thrive and succeed
By Megan Joseph, executive director, Rise Together Bay Area, San Francisco
Oct 22, 2016

Marin County is known for being one of the healthiest counties in the state due to its commitment to young people’s health, education and well-being. And yet there are significant numbers of families without access to child care and preschool programs.

On Nov. 8, Marin County has the opportunity to change this by supporting Measure A, a quarter-cent sales tax to support the creation of a children’s fund. Read More >>

Marin IJ Dick Spotswood: Measure A to provide affordable preschool to all
Oct 15, 2016

It’s hard to believe that Oklahoma, one of the most consistently conservative states in the nation, is far ahead of Marin when it comes to aiding preschool children.

The Sooner State is a pioneer in providing comprehensive free preschool to each and every Oklahoman. It’s one of just four states, including West Virginia, Florida and Vermont, plus the District of Columbia, that provides universal preschool programs to all age-eligible children without regard to family income. Read More >>

Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for Oct. 9: Measure A will pay community dividends
By Bob Rosenberg
Oct 8, 2016

It has been my privilege to be a volunteer tutor at Davidson Middle School in San Rafael for the past six years. Some of the students were fortunate enough to attend a quality preschool for one or two years, while others were unable to enjoy this opportunity, primarily due to cost.

Those who had preschool experience have a far greater likelihood of entering kindergarten ready to learn as opposed to their counterparts. Read More >>

Marin Voice: Measure A — For the health of Marin’s kids
By Nelson Branco
Oct 8, 2016

Among the many measures and propositions on the November ballot in Marin, one in particular demands attention — Measure A.

If voters pass it, this measure will greatly benefit the kids in our county.

Those who have been trying to keep track of all the measures on the ballot may know that Measure A is primarily a way to improve access to quality preschool education, expand after-school and summer learning programs and provide affordable child care for underserved children — all excellent goals and benefits. Read More >>

Marin children’s advocates push for Measure A
Marin IJ
By Stephanie Weldy
Sep 25, 2016

Twenty Head Start classrooms serve 365 children in Marin, but there are more children who could be served: Some 450 names are on the preschool program’s waiting list.

For Head Start and other early childhood programs in Marin, it hasn’t been possible to increase roster sizes. But that could change if Marin voters approve Measure A on Nov. 8. Read More >>

Measure A unites Marin educators
Marinscope Community Newspapers
By Chris Rooney
Sep 8, 2016

School funding — or a perceived lack thereof — is nothing new to election season. Local bond measures and self-imposed tax propositions tend to take up more space on ballots than political candidates.

This time around, one ballot measure is uniting pretty much every educator in the county through an alliance called Marin Strong Start. And Measure A, a nine-year quarter-cent tax backed by the coalition promises to raise about $12,000,000 for early-education funding. Read More >>

Marin tax measure to provide preschool for low-income kids makes November ballot
Marin IJ
By Richard Halstead
August 2, 2016

Marin voters will be asked to approve a countywide quarter-cent sales tax to fund expanded preschool, child care and health services for low-income children in Marin when they go to the polls on Nov. 8.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to place the initiative on the ballot. Supervisor Steve Kinsey acknowledged that the campaign has been a long one. He recalled California Endowment CEO Robert Ross challenging Marin in 2007 to “step up” to make a commitment to children in Marin. Read More >>

Marin sales tax measure for child care headed to Nov. ballot
Marin IJ
By Richard Halstead
July 26, 2016

An initiative for a countywide quarter-cent sales tax to fund expanded preschool, child care and health services for low-income children in Marin is headed for the November ballot.

Marin supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance that would place the measure on the ballot. Read More >>